Casa das Thuyas affix was born in January 2005, but the passion for dogs is older and was in November 1998 we acquired our 1st Estrela Mountain Dog in the city of Seia heart of this majestic breed. Since there was growing love for the breed which led us to take part in some dog shows either as exhibitors or as spectators. From there we were contacting other breeders and breed clubs in order to know the breed better. Later in 2001 we were offered a Basset Hound that would be responsible for the interest from that moment this breed brought us. In 2003 we moved from home to the countryside of Mafra, and began to get other dogs of these two breeds. Then we have the necessary conditions to enter the most serious dog breeding. So was born the casa das Thuyas Kennel Affix with the birth of the first litter in January 2005. In these years now, we have learned a lot about these two breeds and at the same time, we contact with many breeders who gave us a teaching and knowledge that today we put at the service of our kennel. To achieve these goals nowadays keep a constant check on viruses through periodic vaccinations. The dogs bred with our affix are only delivered from the 2 months vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and registered in the Book of Portuguese origins (LOP). The prices of our dogs are in accordance with the rules of the Breed Club. We accept reservations and satisfy the requests in order of arrival.
We took the opportunity to thank the friends and advisers without which it would not be possible to implement this project and they are:
Edgar da Mota Veiga Dolgner (Vale do Juiz Kennel)
Diamantino Hugo Pedro (Casa do Trevo Kennel)

The Breed

intended objectives

We have maintained a permanent control on viruses through periodic vaccinations.
We do the tests of R.X. of hip dysplasia of breeding in general.
We only deliver dogs from 2 months old, fully weaned, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered in the book of Portuguese origins (LOP).
Our prices are normal, according to the standards of the breed clubs.
Requests in order of arrival. We accept reservations.
Available litters occasionally.

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