About the Breed


Estrela Mountain Dog has its house here in the Serra da Estrela (Portugal) since ancient times, losing in time their true origin. It should be, however, one of the oldest dog breeds in the Iberian Peninsula ... The dogs accompanying the herds as vigilant guardians. They scattered across the country, especially in the center, coming from the mountain when babies or born already from dogs of mountain regions... It is this part of the historical summary appendix to the standard of the breed designed in the early '30s by cinolog professor Dr. Manuel Fernandes Marques. It is assumed that was the best possible at the time. However it is still a very important factor these days, because without this prior groundwork now would have the greatest difficulties in continuing to develop and diversify the history of the breed that had its great development in recent years. The transhumance of mountain herds of sheep to the region of Coimbra, Douro and Idanha, where shepherds settled temporarily during the winter months to feed livestock as in mountain successive snowfalls made impossible the access of animals to pasture was that this time the feOur Dogs give birth. The puppies would eventually there be delivered to the owners of the properties where the cattle remained. For this reason the breed was setting in these areas which later came to develop excellent features guard of property and other assets. So the breed has gradually spreading to other parts of the country, mainly to the north. Now the breed is spread from north to south of Portugal and also implemented in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Scandinavia and also in the United States of America and Brazil. We believe that gradually will reach the entire world.


Its character a little independent makes this breed adapts well to modern times, in which many dogs are waiting for the return of the owners work at the end of the day.
Note that this breed is not exactly suited to be pet in apartment, always need outdoor space to develop physically and psychologically.

Estrela Mountain Dog can wait patiently guarding the house and the garden, until the owner returns home at the end of the day.
But one thing is certain: Dog behavior is due primarily to the education he received from his master.

The beauty of this dog, his intelligence and robustness are features that allow to be more than an excellent guard: he is also a good family dog and very tolerant with children.


Two varieties: long hair and short hair.

In 1934, when the standard of the breed came, they began to be made distinction between the longhaired and shorthaired. Must have also been many crosses between short hair and long hair, because of shepherds leave their dogs always free there was no control in the reproduction of the breed.

We feel responsible for cooperating in terms of recovery of the breed when found in a very needy phase. We collaborate with other breeders exchanging opinions and questions.

If the breed is well, we breeders are held responsible and therefore, We feel the need to continue the task that has been and continues to be required.

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